An elderly man in Harajuku (原宿), Tokyo, Japan, wearing very unusual clothes

Japan is often said to be very conformist – but no-one seems to have told this man, who is displaying his very individual dress-sense in Harajuku in Tokyo – an area more usually frequented by teenagers. And yes, the goldfish are alive. (CC)

Not everything fits into a neat category – so here is where you will find all the odds and ends about Japan that have grabbed my attention. Please enjoy.

  1. Superdry 極度乾燥(しなさい): A lingual conundrum
  2. Only in Japan: Products you’ll find nowhere else
  3. Animal Tails: Japan’s newest fashion phenomenon
  4. Rolling Stones: An alternative view of moss
  5. The World’s Fastest Train: China, Europe or Japan?
  6. Pasona Urban Farm: Growing rice in an office building
  7. Serving Sake: Drinking from a box
  8. 変な日本語 (Strange Japanese): Misuse of Japanese the world over
  9. Japanese Wildlife: Beautiful, weird, scary and cute animals
  10. Cycling in Japan: Bicycles everywhere
  11. The Self Defence Force: Japan’s ‘not an army’
  12. Kyudo: Archery meets Zen
  13. Urban Fishing: Outside, inside and at restaurants
  14. Japan’s Trains: A smorgasbord of locomotion
  15. Hanafuda: Gambling with flowers
  16. Ninja: Japan’s Secret Warriors
  17. Kojo Yakei: Industrial Sightseeing after Dark
  18. Electric Chrysanthemums: The Lightbulb Fields
  19. Sitting on the Floor: Etiquette and how to say it
  20. Incredible Bridges: Fifteen unusual footbridges
  21. Spaceport Japan: Tanegashima Space Centre
  22. Battleship Island: A concrete jungle in the sea
  23. Hokkaido Ice Pavilion: The coldest place in Japan
  24. Tin Toys: From Japan to the World
  25. Marimo: Super-cute Algae
  26. Kintsugi: Beauty from misfortune


French and Belgium flags  INCONTOURNABLE JAPON EN FRANCAIS  Quebec and Bora Bora flags

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