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Experience staying in a traditional Japanese inn (ryokan) without blowing your budget. All these ryokan make a special effort to welcome visitors from overseas, and can be easily booked online. Be sure to book quickly as availability is limited.

Central Kyoto

Nagomi Ryokan Yuu 京 京

Nagomi Ryokan Yuu in Kyoto

This ryokan is a great choice if you want to experience Japanese culture. You can try on an antique kimono and take part in a tea ceremony. Rooms are Japanese-style with futons, and the ryokan is located in an 80-year-old wooden townhouse.

Ryokan Hirashin 京 京

Ryokan Hirashin in Kyoto

A centrally located modern ryokan. Nijo Castle and the Gion geisha district are both within 20 minutes walk. The traditional rooms have en-suite bathrooms, and there are also large public baths available.

Uoiwa Ryokan 京 京

Uoiwa Ryokan in Kyoto

Located directly in front of Nishi Honganji Temple world heritage site, this ryokan features authentic Japanese cuisine. It has en-suite rooms and a large public bath.

Kyoto Watazen Ryokan 京

Kyoto Watazen Ryokan

The Pontocho and Gion geisha districts are both within 15 minutes walk. Some of the Japanese-style rooms are en-suite, but all guests have access to the large traditional baths.

Guest Inn Chita 京

Guest Inn Chita in Kyoto

This ryokan is located in front of Higashi Honganji temple, and close to other major attractions. The owners offer a service where you can try on a Yukata (informal kimono) and take photos. All rooms are Japanese-style, and bicycles are available to rent.

Ryokan Wajimaya 京

Ryokan Wajimaya in Kyoto

A cosy and welcoming family-run ryokan. It’s just 3 minutes walk from Higashi Honganji Temple and close to other major sights. The rooms are spacious, and there’s a Japanese-style bath.

Daiya Ryokan 京

Daiya Ryokan in Kyoto

Located in the heart of Kyoto, Higashi Honganji Temple and Nishi Honganji Temple are just 3 minutes walk away. The surrounding area comprises streets built in the Taisho and Showa eras, and is full of interesting gift shops and places to visit. Bicycles are available to rent.

Ryokan Nihonkan 京

Ryokan Nihonkan in Kyoto

A budget ryokan in a very convenient location and just 3 minutes walk from Higashi Honganji temple. It features a Japanese-style public bath, and some rooms are en-suite.

Capsule Ryokan 京

Capsule Ryokan in Kyoto

The two most uniquely Japanese styles of accommodation are capsule hotels and ryokans, and you can experience them both at once at the world’s only capsule ryokan. It combines the modernity and efficient use of space of a capsule hotel with the traditional Japanese flavour of a ryokan. Choose between a double room with a king-size tatami mat bed, or a 1 metre by 1 metre by 2 metre tatami-mat capsule. Nishi Honganji Temple world heritage site is just 3 minutes walk away.

South of Kyoto Station

Station Ryokan Seiki 京

Station Ryokan Seiki in Kyoto

A friendly family-run ryokan, with en-suite Japanese-style rooms. It’s in a very convenient location, really near Kyoto Station where most visitors arrive and depart, and with great transport links to the rest of Kyoto.

Sparkling Dolphins Inn Kyoto 京

Sparkling Dolphins Inn in Kyoto

A budget ryokan in a modern building, with both Western and Japanese style rooms, including some shared dorm rooms. Located close to Kyoto Station, there are good bus and train links to the rest of the city.

Shimabara Area

Ryokan Sanki 京

Ryokan Sanki in Kyoto

Ryokan Sanki is over 100 years old, and is built in the traditional Kyoto style. It is close to Nishi Honganji Temple, a world heritage site, and other historical landmarks. A stay in one of its Japanese-style rooms gives you the opportunity to savour the atmosphere of old Kyoto.

Higashi Yama Area

Gion Maifukan 京 京 京

Gion Maifukan Ryokan in Kyoto

Located in Gion which is famous for its geisha, this ryokan is only two minutes walk from Yasaka Shrine and is surrounded by temples. It has en-suite Western and Japanese style rooms, and a roof terrace.

Japanese Inn Yoshimizu 京 京

Japanese Inn Yoshimizu in Higashiyama, Kyoto

This traditional ryokan is in a secluded forest setting within Maruyama Park. It’s surrounded by temples and shrines and Gion is less than ten minutes walk. Rooms have futons and there are large public baths.

Guest House Yamato 京

Guest House Yamato in Kyoto

A modern ryokan just two minutes walk from the Kiyomizu Temple world heritage site. Located on a quiet street and featuring a Japanese garden, it has both Japanese and Western style rooms.

Ryokan Sakanoue 京 京 京

Ryokan Sakanoue in Higashiyama, Kyoto

A luxurious traditional ryokan just one minute’s walk from Yasaka Shrine and four minutes from Kodaiji Temple. It has an attractive garden and serves traditional Kaiseki cuisine. The rooms feature futons and Japanese-style wooden bathtubs.

Seikoro Ryokan 京 京 京

Seikoro Ryokan in Kyoto

A luxurious ryokan featuring exquisite kaiseki cuisine that is served in your room. The traditional rooms have futons and wooden Japanese-style baths. Higashi Honganji and Sanjusangendo Temples are both within 15 minutes walk.

Northern Kyoto

Guest House Itoya Kyoto 京

Guest House Itoya Kyoto

A guesthouse in a traditional wooden house with shared dorm rooms (women only) and twin rooms. This is the place to come to experience the atmosphere of old Kyoto first-hand. There is a tatami-mat common room and a Zen garden. It is conveniently located for the Kinkakuji (Golden Temple) and Ryoanji world heritage sites, and has excellent transport links to the town centre.

Around the Imperial Palace

Hotel Honnoji 京

Hotel Honnoji in Kyoto

This ryokan is only a few minutes walk from the Gion geisha district, and is close to Nijo Castle and the Imperial Palace. It features Japanese-style rooms with futons, and giant public baths.

Oyado Ishicho 京 京

Oyado Ishicho in Kyoto

A modern ryokan close to the Imperial Palace and Nijo Castle. The traditional Japanese-style rooms have en-suite baths, but there are also Japanese-style giant hot spring baths.

Ishicho Shogikuen 京 京 京

Ishicho Shogikuen in Kyoto

This ryokan has hot spring baths and en-suite Japanese-style rooms. The Imperial Palace is only 8 minutes walk, and Gion is less than 15 minutes walk.

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A Ryokan Garden in Kyoto