Japanese Marriage Customs

The envolope for a set of photographs illustrating traditional Japanese wedding customs

This is the envelope in which the cards illustrating marriage customs were contained

I was recently shown a shown a set of photographs illustrating Japanese marriage customs, covering everything from the formal introduction of bride and groom prior to an arranged marriage, to taking the couple’s baby to be blessed at a Shinto shrine. As they give an interesting insight into wedding customs and the traditional view of marriage in Japan, I decided to make them available here, along with the captions supplied with the original set of photos. I don’t have any information about when they were produced, but I would guess they date from early in the twentieth century, although many of the customs survive to the present day. If you are able to suggest a more precise date please let me know. Finally, I’d like to express my gratitude to Wendy Hutchinson, whose photos these are, for allowing me to make them available on-line.

  1. First meeting
  2. Donation
  3. Bride’s furniture
  4. Exhibition of the bride’s bedclothes
  5. Exhibition of the bride’s dresses
  6. Exhibition of the bride’s tea-things
  7. Bride’s coming
  8. Nuptial ceremony
  9. Dress changing
  10. Nuptial rites
  11. Conjugal rites
  12. First calling
  13. Wearing band
  14. Parturition
  15. Health after delivery
  16. Shrine visiting
  17. Index

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First meeting


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